Percussion Software Introduces Rhythmyx 6.5

Apr 20, 2007


Percussion Software, a developer of Web Content Management (WCM) software for multi-channel applications, has introduced Rhythmyx 6.5, the newest version of its WCM solution. The new release includes a number of new enhancements to Rhythmyx's Active Assembly user interface, including: a drag-and-drop interface that enables users to create pages, arrange and change page layout and content for specific audiences; embed images; place inline links to related content and sites; and directly edit any content in the context of specific web pages--all within a live WYSIWYG web page environment.

The new Active Assembly taps the power of AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript) to deliver more immediate control over page elements. Users can control content, layout, and formatting without giving up any of the underlying functionality of Rhythmyx's Active Assembly. They can also make content presentation decisions without requiring template changes or other assistance from IT. Rhythmyx 6.5 enables users to contribute content to multiple channels, with a variety of interfaces that allow users to author, edit, and approve content. In addition, enterprises can leverage content from every corner of their organization, using a forms-based authoring approach for direct contribution of data and other needed content from anywhere in the organization--not just from frequent Rhythmyx content authors. Rhythmyx 6.5 is available next month and supports Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, and Sun Solaris platforms.