Percussion Software Introduces Rhythmyx 5.5

Oct 26, 2004

Percussion Software has introduced version 5.5 of its Rhythmyx enterprise content management (ECM) solution. Among Rhythmyx 5.5's new features are enhancements to the document management (DM) module, new digital asset management (DAM) capabilities, and the FastForward for WCM rapid implementation package. Other new Rhythmyx 5.5 features include an automated Text Extraction capability, WebDAV support, and enhanced search and collaboration capabilities.

Among the most important new features in Rhythmyx 5.5 are those that are intended to advance the way Rhythmyx handles unstructured content for both DM and DAM. These include: a Text Extraction capability, which makes reusing content across multiple channels easier by unlocking information "trapped" in various file types; text and meta-data can be extracted from over 200 file types for reuse in HTML, XML, PDFs, and other formats. The new WebDAV Support allows users to contribute content to Rhythmyx directly from familiar desktop tools, including Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, and Project, and other applications via Windows Web Folders. The new Enhanced Search with the embedded Convera RetrievalWare technology offers search capabilities, including concept, pattern, and Boolean searching. The new Collaboration Enhancements allow users to collaborate on Rhythmyx-managed content from portals, email, and other applications; these include a universal link function allowing users to cut and paste links to Rhythmyx content into emails and other applications where work-in-progress is shared and discussed.

Rhythmyx 5.5 also introduces new digital asset management capabilities including: integration with DAM creation tools via WebDAV, including Adobe PhotoShop; indexing and searching of over 200 digital asset formats; library services and meta-data management; an Impact Analysis feature that enables organizations to understand all the places where an asset is being used; and a new Inline Image Editor. Rhythmyx's Inline Image Editor features more than 20 of the most common image manipulations without forcing users to leave Rhythmyx. It allows users to re-size, blur, sharpen, change brightness, crop, rotate, change dimensions, and add text to digital assets. The Inline Image Editor also allows content contributors to watermark or copyright digital assets.

Rhythmyx 5.5 comes bundled with FastForward for WCM, a prepackaged WCM implementation for Rhythmyx that is designed to enable users to get their sites under management rapidly. FastForward for WCM is the first of the Rhythmyx FastForward for ECM series. FastForward for WCM includes: 10 pre-built content types; automatic list generation based on metadata; Microsoft Word support for rapid end user adoption; rich editing capabilities; Active Assembly to graphically manage related Web content; out-of-the box workflows to optimize approval processes; site folder publishing; and managed navigation to support dynamic menuing, section pages, breadcrumbs, and sitemaps.

Rhythmyx 5.5 also adds new browser support for Safari for Mac users and Mozilla Firefox for Windows users. Rhythmyx 5.5 supports Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, and Sun Solaris platforms and is available this month. Pricing varies depending on configuration, however a typical Rhythmyx 5.5 configuration starts at $95,000.