Percussion Software Introduces Rhythmyx 5 ECM Solution

Apr 01, 2003


Percussion Software has introduced version 5 of its Rhythmyx Content Management System (CMS), a release that builds on Rhythmyx's base of CMS technology, extending it into a full ECM solution, and expanding the category by offering an ECM solution optimized for multi-channel content reuse and delivery. Rhythmyx 5 allows knowledge workers to create, manage, deliver, and reuse content in new forms and combinations, minimizing developer intervention, to meet business needs. It also features an architecture for system scaling, De-Coupled Delivery, which supports new delivery platforms as they are adopted, without the high costs associated with license fees or custom coding to proprietary CMS APIs. Additional new capabilities in release 5 include: a new Document Management Module; new Rhythmyx Content Connectors providing support for additional content sources and targets; Content Explorer, a new user interface for managing ECM content; enhanced globalization support for streamlined management of multi-lingual content for multiple audiences; an Intelligent Relationship Management capability for the management of content inter-dependencies; and, a Web Services Developer Kit for the integration of all Rhythmyx functionality into enterprise applications. Rhythmyx 5 is designed to be more intelligent and flexible in handling content for multi-channel environments by offering two content management technologies: Intelligent Relationship Management and Active Assembly. Active Assembly enables enterprise content to be organized and grouped for documents and Web pages without the need for template redesigns from developers. Rhythmyx also provides Intelligent Relationships, enabling proactive management of the connections or dependencies among enterprise content ensuring no incorrect or untimely content is published. Rhythmyx 5 is a standards-based solution, designed to evolve to meet its customers changing needs. It provides Percussion customers with Content Management Solutions for multi-channel delivery of reusable content. Rhythmyx 5.0 is sold as an ECM solution, or as a basic solution for Web Content Management (WCM) implementations, with an upgrade path to the full ECM product. Both configurations are built on the same ECM foundation code base. Rhythmyx 5 supports Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Solaris platforms and is available for licensing immediately.