Percussion Software Introduces Lyrix 2.5

Jul 19, 2005

Percussion Software, a developer of practical software solutions enabling customers to maximize the value and quality of enterprise content, has introduced version 2.5 of Lyrix, its Lotus Domino content integration product. Lyrix 2.5 enables the transformation of Domino content to standard document formats, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, xHTML and XML. This allows organizations to reuse Domino content in the wide variety of corporate applications that readily accept these formats.

New features include: the ability to convert Domino content to Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF Documents, which transforms Domino content, including embedded attachments and images, into formats acceptable by most enterprise applications; extract associated metadata, which enables organization of Domino content in new applications by preserving and transferring associated metadata; extract attachments, which transfers attachments and relevant metadata to RDBMS or file systems; enhanced user interface, which is intended to simplify the use of the product by providing an intuitive, task-oriented, user interface; and Single Sign 0n--Lyrix's Web services API supports user authentication from other enterprise applications, eliminating the need for multiple end-user log-ins, and also preserves appropriate content access levels based on each user's Domino user name. Lyrix 2.5 enables direct, reuse of Domino content, in a wide variety of enterprise applications, including: Document Management solutions; Records Management and archiving solutions; Web sites and Portals; Contract Management applications; and Collaboration Platforms. Lyrix 2.5 is designed to provide programmatic, bi-directional access to Domino content using the product's Web services API. This enables real-time access to Domino content, automatically transforming unique Domino attributes--Rich Text, embedded images, doc links, attachments, etc.--into standard XML and xHTML.