Percussion Introduces Lyrix 2

Mar 02, 2004

Percussion Software has announced the release of its content integration product, Lyrix 2. Lyrix 2 is a content integration product for Lotus Domino. New features in this release of Lyrix include enhanced support for Microsoft SharePoint; bi-directional support for both Content Services and Content Transfers, giving users the ability to submit content changes from target applications to Domino applications; and additional sample applications to help organizations take advantage of Lyrix capabilities immediately. Another addition is Single Sign On, which allows users to sign in to a non-Domino system based on their security (ACLs) from Domino, allowing organizations to continue to use Domino's security capabilities. Lyrix 2 is designed to play a key role in any organization's Domino content strategy, regardless of their current use or future plans for their Domino Applications.

Lyrix 2 is based on a Web services architecture that is designed to convert Domino content into formats easily consumed by other applications. It transforms Domino attributes (e.g., Rich Text, embedded images, doc links, attachments, etc.) into standard XML and xHTML. Using Lyrix's visual mapping interface, developers create Content Types, which define the pieces of Domino content required by external applications. Domino content can then be accessed directly with Content Services, or it can be transferred to external file systems and databases using Content Transfers.