Pepperdata Announces Free Version of Application Spotlight

Jan 10, 2019

Pepperdata, a provider of big data Application Performance Management (APM), announced a free version of Application Spotlight for enterprises for use in a single cluster with up to 20 nodes.

Pepperdata Application Spotlight is a self-service APM solution that provides developers with a holistic and real-time view of their applications in the context of the entire big data cluster, allowing them to quickly identify and fix problems to improve application runtime, predictability, performance, and efficiency. Pepperdata Application Spotlight also provides automatic tuning for applications, delivers job-specific recommendations, and enables users to set up alerts on specific behaviors and outcomes to avoid the risk of failure.

With Pepperdata Application Spotlight, developers can:

  • Reduce troubleshooting time by 90% on average to ensure SLAs are met.
  • Reduce runtime--one Pepperdata customer reduced critical job runtime from 3.5 hours to 90 minutes after applying recommendations.
  • Improve productivity by quickly identifying lines of code that cause performance issues.
  • Determine whether performance issues are due to the application or other workloads on the cluster.
  • Safely and confidently move performant applications to production faster.

Application Spotlight is available immediately for free for use in a single cluster with up to 20 nodes.

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