PebblePost Launches Real-Time Analytics Tool With Response Path Activity for Direct Mail

Jul 14, 2016


PebblePost, the inventors of Programmatic Direct Mail, announced the launch of the industry's first real-time analytics platform for understanding the delivery and impact of campaigns that run on their Programmatic Direct Mail platform. With this new platform, marketers can now see the results of their Programmatic Direct Mail campaigns. Importantly, they can use this insight to optimize campaign for the next day's mail.

PebblePost's analytics platform informs marketers of performance by creative, by customer behavior, and by product segment. It allows marketers to do cohort analysis and attribution of mail sent, so they can manage direct mail in the same way they manage search, display, and email campaigns.

With PebblePost's analytics dashboard, marketers can review daily statistics on mail sent, response rates, and conversion rates. They can also review how cohorts of consumers who are sent mail on the same day respond over a 30-day attribution cycle.