PebblePost Announces Programmatic Catalog  

Oct 13, 2016


PebblePost, the inventor of Programmatic Direct Mail, announced the launch of what it says is the world’s first Programmatic Catalog. The catalog embodies real-time online interest and intent activity transformed into dynamically rendered, personalized mail pieces, delivered into a postal hub within 12-24 hours every day. Real-time analytics track response and conversion from the Programmatic Catalog, which enables a marketer to optimize every day’s activity for tomorrow’s in-home media.

The Programmatic Catalog is created from real-time behavioral data (browsing, keyword search, cart abandonment, etc.) combined with page-level information (e.g., product, content) and a marketer’s campaign rules (audience tagging, A/B testing, geo targeting, etc.). Because the catalog is initiated by online activity, a return visit can be matched and provides real-time analytics on daily response and conversion data for continuous optimization.

Delivered via First-Class Mail, this brand-new mail piece brings real-time interest and intent data to the world of in-home physical media, combining content and commerce in one personalized package that consumers can hold in their hands. Each piece is laser-printed and 4x6 in size, with a minimum of eight dynamic and/or fixed pages. Customization options include the ability to add editorial content, tagged promos, and targeted merchandise images, among many others.