Pathlore Releases Learning Management Suite 6.5

Dec 17, 2004

Pathlore Software Corporation, a provider of learning management software and services to industry and government, has announced the release of Pathlore Learning Management Suite 6.5. The new release features several Pathlore enhancements including the XLMS (eXtensible Learning Management Service) real-time, enterprise application integration technology. XLMS is designed to enable Pathlore customers to embed access to both learning and administrative tasks in any business process or workflow.

Software developers can use XLMS, an application programming interface (API) built as WS-I compliant Web Services, to design interactions between the LMS and other enterprise systems to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. WS-I is an industry consortium dedicated to ensuring interoperability of Web services among various platforms and vendors. With the release of LMS 6.5, Pathlore has introduced Content Developers Assistant (CDA), which is intended to ensure standards-compliant content interoperates with the LMS. Customers can use CDA to diagnose and debug custom or off-the-shelf content in real time.

Along with CDA, the new release adds support for the Package Exchange Notification System (PENS), an elearning standard that allows content publishing interoperability among authoring tools, content management systems, and learning management systems. PENS is the result of a joint industry initiative led by Pathlore, Documentum, Macromedia, and others with support from the Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee (AICC), an elearning standards body and international association of training professionals. Pathlore has also added support in LMS 6.5 for SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) 2004.

The company has also incorporated more than 60 product suggestions from customers that range from features for personalizing the way the LMS displays data to pop-up windows that offer users tips and tactics for managing data. Other significant customer-driven enhancements are in the areas of manager workflow and advanced resource management.