PathFactory Teams With Looker To Deliver Insight to Marketers

Aug 15, 2019

PathFactory, the Content Insight & Activation platform, announced a collaboration with Looker, the modern data platform, that will reinforce PathFactory's stronghold as leaders in the content engagement space. The integration of Looker within Path Analytics, PathFactory's best-in-class analytics suite, will equip marketers with even more powerful and actionable insights than ever about their marketing effectiveness.

PathFactory’s best-in-class dataset solves a critical blindspot for B2B marketers—it tells marketers whether or not prospects have consumed their content. Without PathFactory, marketers rely on inaccurate proxies for engagement like clicks or form fills, but are not able to gauge true content consumption and its impact on the buyer’s journey. Marketers need this data to generate demand that is truly qualified and to determine which leads are sales-ready.

Looker will be integrated within Path Analytics—PathFactory’s reporting suite—taking the power of PathFactory’s industry-leading dataset to a new level. Marketers will now be able to access actionable insights that tell them where to allocate marketing spend and focus sales effort to maximize pipeline and revenue.

New insights available in the PathFactory platform will include: 

  • Channel performance, based on the real content consumption data of the audience each channel delivers
  • Top conversion-driving content assets, across all campaigns
  • Content consumption time, grouped by company and accounts

PathFactory developed this new offering with customer feedback in mind to meet marketers' increasingly sophisticated reporting needs and empower them with data to answer strategic business questions. Cisco, a PathFactory customer since 2016, has already seen massive benefits from unlocking this new dataset.

PathFactory’s enhanced reporting capabilities will be available for all customers in September 2019.

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