Parallelspace Announces the Availability of eMail 2.0 for Groove Workspace

Jan 10, 2003


Parallelspace Corporation--a provider of collaborative business solutions, services, and training---has announced the immediate availability of the released version of Parallelspace eMail 2.0, integrated email for Groove Workspace. Parallelspace eMail 2.0 is the successor to Parallelspace eMail 1.2. Parallelspace eMail 2.0 Standard Edition improves on the previous release by also providing access to all of a user's Outlook email accounts, personal, and private folders. The free Preview Edition of Parallelspace eMail provides a basic but complete email solution with secure access to a user's default email folders in their default Outlook email account. All editions of Parallelspace eMail 2.0 can be downloaded from the Parallelspace Corporation Web site.

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