Palm Releases VersaMail 2.5

Apr 18, 2003

Palm, Inc. has announced the release of Palm VersaMail 2.5 wireless email software. Palm VersaMail 2.5 takes advantage of high-resolution color screens by providing better support for viewing and composing messages with different font styles, sizes, and colors, and additional display customization options. Mobile professionals can download this new software for their Palm handhelds running Palm OS 4.1 or higher. Palm VersaMail 2.5 also will ship in the box with future Palm Tungsten handhelds.

New Features include the following: Automatic Email Retrieval, Queuing and Notification--VersaMail 2.5 checks for new mail messages on a schedule the user specifies. When there's new mail in an account, VersaMail will automatically download it to the handheld and notify the user with a sound, a blink, or a vibration. If a message is queued to send, and the user is out of wireless coverage, the mail server is down, or for any other reason the message can't be sent at that time, VersaMail will automatically try sending the message again later. Improved Usability and Smart Addressing--Users can add contacts to their Palm Address Book by clicking on the sender's email address. Smart Addressing uses type-ahead technology to locate matches from the Address Book. Read HTML Messages--In an HTML message, VersaMail retains basic formatting: colors, bold, underlining, italics, and bullets. New multisized fonts are also included, provided by AFGA Monotype. All hyperlinks in an HTML message are "hot"--just tap a line and it launches the default web browser. With plain text messages, tap on any "www" sequence to launch the web browser. Synchronization--In addition to Windows PC synchronization with products such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora, as well as server-based sync with Exchange, Lotus Domino, IMAP, and POP, VersaMail 2.5 adds sync support for local Lotus Notes mail. VersaMail 2.5 supports Windows PC synchronization of up to 11 user-defined Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, or Lotus Domino folders. VersaMail 2.5 also offers new display and font options, improved attachment support, and encrypted account passwords. VersaMail is available now as a Web download through the Palm Software Connection for $34.99.