PageOne’s Text Messaging Solutions Available for British Army

Dec 19, 2006

PageOne, a UK supplier of wireless SMS messaging technology and services, has announced that its two-way text messaging service will be run through ArmyNET, the Army's secure web portal.

ArmyNET offers operational servicemen and woman a secure, web based portal through which they can access non classified information anywhere they have internet access. Based on Open Source technology, ArmyNET allows soldiers to view payslips, unit movement orders, or to communicate with colleagues and family using career lifetime email and instant messaging accounts. Soldiers will be able to text each other and even their friends and family while away from home. The Army's Families Office is also looking at using the service from a welfare perspective, sending out text messaging to keep family members informed in the event of a Battalion being deployed on operations. The Families Office will then be able to keep families informed of what is happening before they see it on the news.