PageMajik Launches at Frankfurt Book Fair

Oct 10, 2017

This week, UI Technology Solutions announced the launch of its new publishing solution, PageMajik. Designed to help publishers improve their workflow and efficiency, the PageMajik product suite uses machine learning to automate redundant submission, editorial, and production tasks to free up publishers to work on high-level acquisitions, design, and marketing.

The digital marketplace has forced publishers to speed up their time to market, increase output, and focus manpower on thoughtful work in order to remain vital and competitive. PageMajik’s suite of productivity tools aim to solve the challenges publishers face by automating significant portions of the publishing process and allowing publishers to improve efficiency.

PageMajik says it hastens the go-to-market time by producing content in multiple formats with minimal outsourcing. Additionally, it provides a repository for all assets, allowing all members of the team access at any time to make changes or oversee the process. PageMajik integrates all stages of the publishing process, from editorial to production, with intelligent tools, and says this dramatically increases efficiency. It is offered on a subscription basis with sliding cost scale based on publisher size to provide maximum benefit to all publishers interested in the productivity tools.