PW Registry Launches TLD for Online Communities and Social Networking

Mar 02, 2004

The PW Registry Corporation has announced plans for the activation of a PW top-level domain (TLD) devoted to "Communities of Shared Interests." Unlike other domain extensions, such as .com, .biz, and .info, PW is aimed at providing individuals

and consumer/affinity organizations a personalized, permanent. and portable email address and a managed platform for community and social networking.

In addition, PW Registry is offering a new monthly registration term for resellers, which allows domain name registrars, wireless and Internet service providers, Internet portals, and Web-hosting companies to bundle the PW address with other monthly services they offer -- such as wireless services, Internet connectivity, Web site hosting, and email hosting -- without incurring the costs associated with annual registration fees. PW provides consumers and affinity organizations features such as: Availability; Community Building; Management of Social Networks; Personalized, Permanent Email; Individual Applications; and Consumer Privacy.

Public availability of the PW extension is scheduled for spring, 2004. PW Registry is now actively seeking potential resellers, including domain name registrars, ISPs, Web hosting firms, social networks, online community hosts, wireless providers, and Internet portals. The technical operations for the PW Registry will be managed by Basic Fusion, Inc.