PTC Launches Arbortext Content Manager; Releases Arbortext 5.3

Nov 17, 2006


PTC, a product development company, has announced the availability of Arbortext Content Manager to expand the PTC Dynamic Publishing System. The Arbortext Content Manager is based on PTC Windchill technology. PTC's Dynamic Publishing System combines text authoring, graphics authoring, content management and configuration management, automated publishing, and graphics visualization. It is a system explicitly focused on optimizing the publishing process for organizations in the pharmaceutical, financial services, government, transportation, and process manufacturing industries.

PTC's Dynamic Publishing System is designed to enable organizations to create content out of XML-based reusable components, create illustrations from scratch, or automatically from design data, automate content management, review, and approval processes with workflow and configuration management capabilities, and automatically publish information in multiple formats, languages and media. Highlights of the PTC Dynamic Publishing System include: support for all phases of the publishing process; support for component-based XML authoring for collaborative document creation; broad support for technical illustrations, either created from scratch or based on CAD data; content management that bursts documents into reusable components; configuration and workflow management capabilities; dynamic document assembly to publish to all media automatically, including print and electronic, from a single source; and integration with Microsoft Office. This component of the PTC Dynamic Publishing System is currently available.

PTC has also announced the newest version of its dynamic publishing software, Arbortext 5.3. This version extends PTC's commitment to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). DITA, an OASIS-sponsored initiative, is an XML-based architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information. Arbortext has supported DITA since 2004 with user interfaces, style-sheets, and document type definitions (DTDs) for standard DITA information types (Task, Concept, and Reference), and support for DITA's "specialization" capability, "conref" inclusion mechanism, and custom table models. This new release of Arbortext includes the following enhancements that support editing and publishing. The planned availability for Arbortext 5.3 is December 2006.