PTC Acquires ITEDO

Oct 20, 2006

PTC, a Product Development Company, has announced it has acquired ITEDO Software GmbH and ITEDO Software LLC (collectively, ITEDO), for approximately $17 million in cash. With its IsoDraw family of products, ITEDO delivers software solutions for creating and maintaining technical illustrations. ITEDO solutions will become a part of PTC's Arbortext product family, providing 2D technical illustration capabilities and enhancing PTC's 3D interactive content for technical publications in the future.

Customers will continue to be able to leverage all ITEDO products, including IsoDraw, IsoView, and IsoCompose as standalone solutions or as part of PTC's Product Development System. Customers with multi-CAD environments or those who use CAD solutions other than Pro/ENGINEER will still be able to take advantage of IsoDraw's ability to derive technical illustrations from the CAD model and maintain the illustrations. Additionally, PTC will continue to support standard graphics file formats to enable customers to create technical illustrations that are compliant with international standards for technical publications.