PRYCISE Technology Launches Information Discovery Technology

Nov 23, 2004

PRYCISE Technology has announced Information Discovery technology, integrated in its Web site, which is designed to provide users with relevant, direct results to their search and research needs in an easy to use interface. The site/technology is intended to be a user's home action page and contains everything a user needs to manage their daily computer activities: email, contact list, to do list, to find list, to buy list, Web sites, searches, research, printing, fax, chat, TV, news, local info, alerts, etc.

The technology displays itself as a push-button controller on the right side of the page. Each of the buttons is populated with a Category, Sub-Category, Action, or related content. When searching, users can refine their search even before beginning a search by first clicking a Category button, then typing a keyword. Then buttons, displaying the ‘Category>Keyword' related content/page/image, are available for clicking to view the results. There is also a ‘Save Searches' function.