PRIMEDIA's About Inc. and BusinessWeek Online Become TACODA Clients

Feb 18, 2004


About Inc., a division of PRIMEDIA Inc., a targeted media company with positions in consumer and business-to-business markets, and BusinessWeek Online will use the ASP (hosted) version of TACODA Systems' Audience Management System (AMS). Launched in 1997, About, Inc. is focused on creating and leveraging marketing products and services for targeted markets such as automotive, health, technology, and finance.

AMS seeks to help Web publishers, particularly those with large user bases, create comprehensive profiles of site visitors that can be grouped into audience segments of interest to particular advertisers. A combination of demographic data and user behavior results in constantly refreshed audience segments that marketers can target with precision and efficiency. Profiles can be regrouped to meet the specific targeting needs of marketers.

TACODA Systems develops and produces software programs and strategies that are designed to enable media companies with significant online channels to increase the value of the audiences they sell to advertisers and e commerce partners. TACODA's targeted marketing technology and enhanced ad reporting helps publishers collect data about people who visit their Web sites, analyze that data for behavioral, demographic, and other attributes to create advertiser-valued audience segments, and target online and offline ads, email, direct mail, and other content to those segments.

Using TACODA's ASP service, BusinessWeek Online will implement Real Time Targeting and new SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) targeting. BusinessWeek Online will be able to create audience segments that place site visitors into appropriate SIC categories, further refined by each user's online behavior and geolocation, such as country, region, state, city, or zip code. As a result, BusinessWeek Online expects to have more advanced targeting capabilities for B2B advertisers. At, users have access to exclusive online content including business and financial news, investment advice, small business, tech insights, as well as a first look at the current issue of the magazine each week. BusinessWeek Online also features interactive resources designed to help professionals climb the corporate ladder or increase their stake in the stock market.  

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