PRESS INDEX Partners With TEMIS and Mondeca

Jun 20, 2006

PRESS INDEX, a provider of press clipping technology, has announced it has signed partnerships with TEMIS, a Europe-based Text Mining solutions provider, and Mondeca, a software vendor specializing in knowledge and content organization solutions, to further automate its media watch and content aggregation.

The new platform in place uses a process organized into four steps: Information gathering adapted to the medium monitored (scan, read, audio, video etc.); Knowledge extraction and indexing with TEMIS's Insight Discoverer Extractor, combined with a Competitive Intelligence Skill Cartridge--Insight Discoverer Extractor automatically analyzes texts in 20 languages while Competitive Intelligence Skill Cartridge extracts economic, stock-market and corporate information; Extracted data capitalization in a knowledge base with Mondeca's Intelligent Topic Manager, which uses a mediation layer to synthesize the collected information and display it in multiple forms for users--by company, people, events, dates etc.; and Distribution to clients in multiple custom formats (index navigation; company, product or market summaries; business or financial event tracking in an industry or specific firm).

The platform will very soon go into operation. It is based on the XML standard for data exchange and web-based semantic standards for knowledge representation (RDF, OWL); the solution is readily adaptable to new languages and topics. PRESS INDEX clients will be able to access this new feature through PRESS INDEX's web portal and soon by PDA and phone.