PHH Arval and PSA Financial Select Site Executive CMS

Apr 01, 2003

Systems Alliance, Inc., a provider of Web content management solutions, has announced two new customers: PHH Arval and PSA Financial. PHH Arval a vehicle management provider offering integrated fleet services to corporate and government clients. PSA Financial is an independent financial services company offering investment and financial advice, retirement planning, portfolio management, and employee benefit programs as well as insurance products including life, health, personal home and auto products and commercial insurance. PHH and PSA Financial will implement Site Executive as their content management system across their multiple Web properties. Site Executive, designed using Macromedia ColdFusion MX, is a Web content management system (CMS) that both PHH Arval and PSA Financial will use to create and update their Web sites. Site Executive offers PHH Arval and PSA Financial a content management solution with modules including calendar items, spreadsheets and drop-down tools, giving end users flexibility to create Web sites with advanced functionality and extensibility. Additionally, Site Executive offers enhanced Meta tagging strategies, which will make their Web sites more accessible to search engines. The solution will also record all updates each company makes to its site's content, and provide a reporting module that offers a summary of activity in a format chosen by the enterprise. Site Executive's template options will be subject to permissions, enabling content authors to only view templates appropriate to their areas and ultimately produce easier site-wide updates.

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