PGC Ltd Implements Web-Based Abstract Submission System

Mar 05, 2004

Petroleum Geology Conferences Ltd (PGC Ltd), U.K organizer of the Petroleum Geology Conference, has implemented a Web-based abstract submission system that is intended to enable abstract contributors to prepare and submit scientific abstracts in a standardized format from any location at any time. Developed by software and systems integrator Thomas Technology Solutions, Inc. (ThomasTech), the system was first used for the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference: North West Europe and Global Perspectives in London. The new technology is designed to enable abstracts to be submitted in a standard format, allowing PCG Ltd's international team of session leaders to easily review submitted presentations in real-time, substantially reducing the editorial work previously required to prepare the documents for publication. As a result, PGC Ltd can extend the abstract submission deadline, providing authors with more time to create content.  

ThomasTech's solution for PGC Ltd includes both the abstract submission system development and pre-press services for the conference programs. The abstract submission system was developed using the Microsoft Visual Basic .Net framework and integrates Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Word. In addition, ThomasTech developed an automated process to sequentially compose pages from the abstract files and files containing session details such as date, time, location, and authors. ThomasTech uses XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher for production of the conference programs, providing final PDF files to the printer. HTML Workshop is used to create CDs.

Petroleum Geology Conferences Ltd is a collaboration between various entities including the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain. Thomas Technology Solutions, Inc. is a software and systems integrator providing content management and publishing solutions and services to commercial publishers and industrial manufacturers. Headquartered in Horsham, Pa., with additional offices in London, UK, ThomasTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Publishing Company, LLC.

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