PBworks Unveils Project Edition

Jun 05, 2009


PBworks, a provider of hosted collaboration solutions for business and education, announced the launch of PBworks Project Edition, which combines hosted collaboration and project management. PBworks Project Edition introduces two enhancements: multi-workspace Networks as well as Project Management. A Network allows a PBworks customer to create new workspaces for every project and manage them in a single enterprise-wide environment. Team members can join any workspace in the Network and can add clients, partners, and contractors as "guest" users on the relevant workspaces. Users can conduct full-text searches across the Network, as well as within a particular workspace. Team members can assign tasks and roll them up into bigger milestones. Each user can view tasks and milestones for a particular workspace/project, as well as their personal tasks and milestones across the entire Network. In conjunction with the introduction of Project Edition, PBworks is also changing the name of its general purpose collaboration product from Professional Edition to Standard Edition.