Oxford University Press Announces Agreements with NLM and SIMID SA

Nov 28, 2006

Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press has announced a new agreement with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) that will allow all content published as open access under its Oxford Open model to be available from PubMed Central. The agreement is designed for authors publishing with Oxford Journals to meet the requirements of their funding bodies, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), who request all NIH-funded content to be deposited into PubMed Central within 12 months of online publication. The new agreement means that all content published under Oxford Open will be immediately deposited into PubMed Central by Oxford Journals directly. Oxford Journals has published almost 2000 open access articles in 2006 through its Oxford Open models, including optional open access for 49 journals, and full open access with Nucleic Acids Research.

Oxford Journals has also announced that Oxford and SIMID SA have signed an agreement where all full-text articles from some of Oxford's medical journals will be available for purchase via the database of SIMID SA. SIMID SA began medical publishing in September 2005, one of its goals to develop a medical library. Physicians and patients can find articles through SIMID's database on the internet. This database contains summaries of medical articles published in scientific journals, from publishers with whom SIMID has a contractual relationship. With the SIMID database, the full-text articles can be instantly downloaded. The interested physician or patient does not have to go to another website to retrieve the article, but can do this directly.

(www.oxfordjournals.org; www.oup.com)