Ovum Foresees a Shake-Up of the Customer Service Experience as Popularity of Mobile Soars

Oct 01, 2012

According to a recent study by Ovum, the proliferation of smart devices and mobile apps will give rise to a more sophisticated and interactive customer service experience over the next four years. With more than half of inbound customer service calls in key countries expected to be made from a mobile device by 2016, Ovum analysts warn enterprises to rethink customer services strategies.

"The Future of Customer Service in a Mobile World: Smart, Connected Interactions" is co-written by lead analyst Daniel Hong, principal analyst Keith Dawson, and ServeLab's Mike Bergelson and Colin Schiller. Although mobile is clearly growing in many organizations, Ovum's research reveals that the biggest challenge to the rapid implementation of SCI is for customer care teams to collaborate effectively with other areas of the business, especially those that own the mobile strategy. To help enterprises understand the key dimensions along which they should expect to progress their mobile strategy, as well as definitions, benefits, and costs that define each phase of development, Ovum has developed an SCI maturity model. Ovum believes investments that will allow enterprises to advance across the major domains of the SCI maturity model are driven by organizational priorities, budget availability, and technology and process-readiness.