Ovidius Offers Free Download of XMetal Author DITA Edition

Aug 22, 2006

Ovidius has announced that it will provide a trial version of XMetaL Author DITA Edition, which can be downloaded free of charge on the Ovidius homepage. DITA is a topic-oriented approach to XML-based documentation. XMetaL combines features of a typical XML editor with the flexibility offered by the DITA concept. Ovidius offers consultancy and configuration services as well as workshops on how to integrate the tool into a user's environment.

With XMetaL Author DITA Edition, users can work on a lower level and change components within topics. Tasks such as marking content for reuse and pasting it into other topics by using the Drag and Drop function can be accomplished with the software. In addition, any changes made to a reusable component can be updated in any other topic that uses it. The DITA Edition by XMetaL also allows users to publish to different delivery formats such as PDF or HTML by using the integrated DITA Open Toolkit. It also offers a function to automatically generate tables of content and indices.

(www.ovidius.de/xmetal.html; www.ovidius.com)