Ovidius Announces TCToolbox Workgroup Edition

Jun 20, 2006

Ovidius has announced the TCToolbox Workgroup Edition. With this solution, Ovidius offers an XML Technical Publication Content Management System especially designed for small and medium-sized documentation departments with up to five members of staff. The Workgroup Edition runs on the Microsoft SQL and MSDE database servers and comes with a pre-configured DTD.

Completely based upon XML, documents are fragmented into smaller information modules, which can be processed and managed separately and are reused in different publications. This enables technical writers, graphic designers, and translators to work simultaneously on complex technical documentation. Using a native data format instead of proprietary formats such as Word or FrameMaker can also improve the life span of the information. In addition, TCToolbox Workgroup Edition offers a plug-in integration with XMetaL, an editor for creating and modifying information modules. The system is delivered with a preconfigured DTD (Document Type Definition) developed by XML experts at Ovidius. It was designed for technical documentation but can also be customized according to customer-specific requirements. TCToolbox Workgroup Edition is a flexible and scalable system. It can be migrated to other databases (Oracle, DB2) and allows for integration of third party systems, e.g. translation memory, ERP or PPS systems. The system is delivered with a standard connector for across, however, it can also be integrated with other translation memory systems.

The software solution also offers pre-configured delivery formats such as Word, HTML-Help, Java-Help and Web-Help. The complete package of TCToolbox Workgroup Edition costs 9,900 € (plus VAT) (roughly $12,000) and includes: 1 server and 1 client license; 1 modular standard DTD designed for technical documentation; 1 license for XMetaL Author including configuration of the standard DTD; 1 paper and 1 online publication format; standard connector for the translation memory system across (across has to be purchased separately); and a 1 day training course and 1 day layout customization. Each additional client can be purchased for 3,000 € (plus VAT) (roughly $3,700).