Ovidius Announces TCToolbox 5.5

Sep 29, 2006

Ovidius has announced its new version of the Technical Publications CMS TCToolbox. The XML-based tool allows for creation, management, and publishing of information modules, which are assembled to form different products such as manuals or training material. With TCToolbox 5.5 new functional extensions are available, for example, crossTCT or the integration of the translation memory system across.

For the new TCToolbox version Ovidius has also developed the XMetaL plug-in crossAuthor that enables ongoing interaction with across while creating documentation in XMetaL. With crossTCT the translation process can be triggered in TCToolbox and status changes in the translation memory system across can be monitored. Once the translation has been finished it is imported back into TCToolbox.

crossAuthor, a new plug-in for writing, is designed to enable technical writers to interactively access the across database when creating technical content in XMetaL and to make sure that sentences and terms that have already been translated are reused in the documentation.