Ovidius Announces Availability of TCToolbox with Publishing Solution

Mar 02, 2007

Ovidius has announced that the XML-based Content Management System TCToolbox is available with a publishing solution for EasyBrowseMax. EasyBrowse generates electronic publications for CD-ROM, intranet, and the internet and provides research and navigation possibilities, designed to add value to a user's technical documentation by offering new advanced browsing features.

Ovidius offers the Content Management System TCToolbox with an integrated publishing solution for EasyBrowseMax. EasyBrowseMax is a tool for creating electronic publications for CD-ROM, internet, and intranet and provides search and annotation functions. As well as XML-based content EasyBrowseMax also allows for displaying and searching HTML, PDF, and Office documents.

With TCToolbox and EasyBrowseMax, Ovidius targets companies that provide customers with technical documentation over the internet or grant online access for employees working outside the office. The integration of EasyBrowseMax and TCToolbox Workgroup Edition is available for 10,000 €. TCToolbox and EasyBrowseMax have been designed especially for accessing technical documents via the internet or intranet or for publishing technical documentation on CD-ROM.