Ovid and Elsevier Announce Exclusive Partnership to Offer EMBiology

Jun 07, 2005

Ovid Technologies, a provider of electronic medical, scientific, and academic information research solutions, has announced its exclusive partnership with scientific publisher Elsevier to offer EMBiology, a new bibliographic database in the field of bioscience.

EMBiology is targeted at small-to-mid-sized academic institutions as well as all pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies interested in extending their biomedical coverage to pure and applied bioscience research. The database provides up-to-date biological research covering biochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology, cell and developmental biology, as well as plant and animal science, agriculture and food science, ecology and environmental science, and toxicology.

The EMBiology database is comprised of more than four million global bibliographic records dating back to 1980. With more than 250,000 records added annually, EMBiology offers cover to cover indexing of more than 2,800 active titles including peer-reviewed journals, trade publications and electronic-only journals. This A&I resource includes nearly 1,800 unique titles not covered by EMBASE, providing unique coverage of niche subject areas.

The database features two thesauri merged into a single file: EMTREE, Elsevier's powerful life science thesaurus, and a new Organism taxonomy of more than 500,000 terms. The Organism vocabulary is based on the taxonomies of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), and supports searches for species names, genera and taxonomic terms at all levels, just as in EMTREE. This rich thesaurus enables sophisticated searches constructed with minimum effort to help researchers and students quickly and effectively find the answers they need.

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