Ovid Releases Global Health Database on Ovid and SilverPlatter Platforms

Nov 05, 2004

Ovid Technologies, a provider of electronic medical, scientific, and social sciences information solutions, has announced the availability of the Global Health database and corresponding Global Health Archive on both the Ovid and SilverPlatter platforms. Global Health, produced by CABI Publishing, is an international public health information resource for academics, researchers, non-governmental organizations, policy makers, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and students.

Global Health holds over 900,000 records, most of which contain informative abstracts. Global Health offers an "open serials cited list," which is intended to allow Global Health to cite important papers from a wide range of sources ensuring a significant amount of unique content. Global Health also offers coverage of medical entomology, human nutrition, vector control, and medicinal plants.

Global Health Archive, featuring records from 1910 to 1973, has also been released on the Ovid and SilverPlatter platforms. The records have been taken from six pre-electronic publications: Tropical Diseases Bulletin (1912-83), Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases (1926-1983), Review of Veterinary and Medical Entomology (1913-72), Review of Veterinary and Medical Mycology (1943-72), Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews (1931-72), and Helminthological Abstracts (1932-72). This searchable database provides coverage of public health, tropical and communicable diseases, nutrition, helminthology, entomology, and mycology. Global Health Archive is available, in perpetuity, for a single purchase.
(www.cabi-publishing.org; www.ovid.com)