Ovid Makes SilverPlatter WebSPIRS Usage Reports COUNTER-Compliant

Dec 10, 2004

Ovid Technologies, a provider of electronic medical, scientific, and academic information research solutions, has announced that online usage reports supplied through the SilverPlatter Internet Service are now compliant with the international COUNTER Code of Practice. COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources) is an international initiative designed to serve librarians, publishers, and intermediaries by standardizing the recording and exchange of online usage statistics.

COUNTER is intended to bring new benefits to librarians, publishers, and intermediaries. Librarians can compare usage statistics in a standard format in order to make better-informed purchasing decisions and plan more effectively; publishers and intermediaries can provide data to customers, compare the relative usage of different delivery channels, aggregate data for a customer that is using multiple delivery channels, and learn more about genuine usage patterns.

Based on the COUNTER Code of Practice, vendors must meet certain requirements for their usage reports to be designated 'COUNTER-compliant'. Administrators can now view database level reports that COUNTER specifies in their Code of Practice. The following COUNTER reports are available for SilverPlatter database usage: Database Report 1: Total Searches and Sessions by Month and Database; Database Report 2: Turnaways by Month and Database; and Database Report 3: Total Searches and Sessions by Month and Service.
(www.projectcounter.org; www.ovid.com)