Ovid Adds Two Content Modules to Primal Pictures 3D Anatomy Imagery Product

Jul 03, 2007

Ovid Technologies, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health and a provider in electronic medical, scientific, and academic information research solutions, has announced that it has added two new content modules to Primal Pictures on Ovid, its 3D Anatomy Imagery product. 3D Head & Neck with Basic Neuroanatomy and Anatomy for Acupuncture are currently available to customers of Ovid’s English-language Primal Pictures on Ovid product, which is accessible via its Ovid Web Gateway search and discovery platform.

3D Head & Neck with Basic Neuroanatomy complements and expands upon the existing Interactive Head and Neck module. It delivers graphic modeling of the head, neck, face, ear, nose, throat, eye, cranial nerves, sinuses, teeth, and brain; and features more than 90 anatomical views, including the external middle and inner ear, oral cavity, orbit and eyes and larynx; as well as 6 views of the brain: meninges, cerebellum, brain stem, dural folds, cortex, limbic system and blood vessels. Anatomy for Acupuncture delivers 3D models of the positions of 88 commonly used acupuncture points, and highlights an additional 324 named needle points. All models include full musculoskeletal and vascular anatomy to show correct needle passage (incorrect needle insertion is also highlighted), and provide detailed cross-sectional views showing needle relationships to anatomic structures of different parts of the body.

All modules feature 3D models and animations--created by anatomists and graphic designers from medical scan and dissection data taken from real bodies--that show structural relationships, functions, and biomechanics. Assessment and treatment videos, MRI images, pathology slides, and textual descriptions by specialists in their fields supplement the animations and models. Users can rotate the anatomical models 360 degrees and show different layers of each anatomical region.

(www.ovid.com; www.wolterskluwer.com)