OverDrive Acquires TeachersNotebook.com

Mar 04, 2014

OverDrive announced that it has acquired TeachersNotebook.com, an online marketplace for teacher-created curriculum materials for K-12 education. TeachersNotebook enables teachers to browse free and low-cost instructional resources, and to create their own shop where others may purchase original materials. The website operates with a "teachers helping teachers" mentality of engaging and educating students of all ages and optimizing the classroom experience.

TeachersNotebook was founded by Debbie and Steve Esemplare as a way to solve a need in the education space for shared classroom resources and an easily-accessible, collaborative environment. Debbie is a former New York City kindergarten teacher and Steve is a software developer. Together, they have grown TeachersNotebook. More than 550,000 teachers use TeachersNotebook which features thousands of free curriculum materials as well as a growing catalog of more than 90,000 affordable educational resources aligned with Common Core state standards, subjects, and targeted grade levels.

Members have access to products specific to their needs and classroom objectives. Those who create their own materials have the ability to open their own shop for free on the website for an opportunity to share their creations with the TeachersNotebook network and make a profit from their work. Resources may be browsed and filtered by categories, such as art, homeschool, language, games, math or reading; by grade levels; or by price.

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