Over 80% of Traffic on Mobile Networks Will Be Encrypted in 12 months

Sep 29, 2015

Openwave Mobility, a software provider enabling operators to manage and monetize encrypted and unencrypted mobile data, announced that encrypted traffic travelling on many mobile networks has risen fivefold in just one year and has now reached 60% of all data. Based on current trends, encrypted traffic levels will exceed 80% within 12 months in several regions. This is now one of the biggest areas of concern for mobile network operators as sites such as Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia use HTTPS encrypted protocols. The findings are based on observing and analyzing traffic trends at a number of mobile operator customers around the globe.

As networks go "dark", carriers are unable to gain insight into the encrypted data travelling on their networks. Operators can struggle to optimize the traffic and this can seriously impact users' Quality of Experience (QoE). Moreover, some operators are unable to apply filters to block content such as adult material or to identify video streams that could even be used for extreme purposes such as to radicalize vulnerable individuals.