Outsell Sizes Online Paid Content Market at $50 Billion

Mar 09, 2004

Outsell, Inc., a research and advisory firm that focuses exclusively on the Information Content (IC) Industry, released a new briefing that says the online paid content market is 35 times larger than commonly reported. The Outsell briefing, "Content Vendor Best Practices: Busting Up Fee Vs. Free," provides information targeted at content vendors and information users. It includes profiles of more than 100 successful content providers that employ blended business models in an effort to create value for their users. Rather than worrying about fee or free, Outsell finds that companies are taking a wide-open, both/and approach, creating a very large and often misrepresented market.

"Content Vendor Best Practices: Busting Up Fee Vs. Free" is based on research into innovative content providers that employ a wide variety of business models. In addition to its research, Outsell analyst Chuck Richard spoke to content company executives in media and publishing properties. "Content Vendor Best Practices: Busting Up Fee Vs. Free" is distributed to clients as part of Outsell's flagship InfoAboutInfo service. The 30-page report, which data and predictions about the $50 billion online paid content market and profiles of the business models employed by over 100 content sellers, is also available for purchase at the Outsell store.