Outsell Releases XML Study

Oct 05, 2010

The analyst and consulting organization, Outsell's Gilbane Group, has announced the release of its latest study, "Smart Content in the Enterprise: How Next Generation XML Applications Deliver New Value to Multiple Stakeholders." Rather than focus on why companies adopt XML in the first place, this research examines the factors that contribute to broader adoption across an organization.

The research underlying the study reveals that when organizations are successful with broad and valuable deployment, their XML content exhibits a set of common characteristics that make it "smart" in addition to structured. Smart content, as described in the study, is granular at the appropriate level, semantically rich, useful across applications, and meaningful for collaborative interaction. Smart Content in the Enterprise identifies a pervasive emphasis on global customer experience as a key driver for smart content. The study explores the implications of smart content for business applications and defines the smart content technology landscape.

Smart Content in the Enterprise is available as a free download from the Gilbane Group website. The report is also available from study sponsors IBM, JustSystems, MarkLogic, MindTouch, Ovitas, Quark, and SDL. Additional insights and advice are provided on Gilbane's XML analyst blog and through Gilbane's XML and smart content consulting services.