Outsell Releases Industry Performance Scorecard

Aug 08, 2003

Corporate Executive Board (CEB), Yahoo!, and Advisory Board are among the top-performing companies in the Information Content Industry, according to the Outsell 100 Performance Scorecard, which ranks the financial performance of 100 companies in the Information Content Industry. Scholastic and Primedia, two of the larger Outsell 100 companies in terms of total revenue, finished in the bottom 10 of the Scorecard rankings. The top-performing category of companies is the aggregator segment, led by search-based companies Yahoo!, LookSmart, and Ask Jeeves.

According to the Scorecard, market research companies such as IPSOS, Taylor Nelson Sofres, and VNU showed a 17% revenue increase over first quarter 2002, the second-fastest growing segment in the Outsell 100. By contrast, the IT research firms such as Gartner, Forrester, META, and DoubleClick constituted the worst-performing sector, with revenue down 5% compared to first quarter 2002, Outsell reports. Total revenue of the Outsell 100 companies grew at a 7.9% rate compared to first quarter 2002.

The Outsell 100 Company Monitor tracks the financial performance of 100 publicly held companies in the Information Content Industry. The rankings include companies from eight sectors: Company, Credit & Financial; News & Trade; Market Research, Reports & Services; IT Research; General Aggregators, Distributors & Services; Scientific, Technical & Medical; Education & Training; Content Software Technologies; and Big Diverse publishers. The Outsell Performance Scorecard ranks the Outsell 100 companies based on four criteria: revenue growth, operating income margin, cash to revenue ratio, and adjusted market cap to revenue ratio.

The latest Outsell 100 results are detailed in a Briefing, "Financial Performance Scorecard First Quarter 2003: Information Content Vendors Still Outpace the Economy." The Briefing includes a table ranking all 100 companies, plus analysis of top ten and bottom ten performance for each of the Scorecard criteria such as revenue growth and operating income margin. The report is available as part of the Outsell, Inc. annual subscription services or as a standalone that can be purchased online.