Outsell Predicts Information Content Industry Growth in 2003

Mar 18, 2003

Outsell, Inc. has announced its forecast for leading companies in the Information Content (IC) Industry. As the industry enters a cyclic recovery phase, Outsell predicts a healthy 2003 growth rate of 8.5% in the latest installment of its Outsell 60 Company Monitor. The Monitor tracks the financial condition of 60 representative IC companies that publish or distribute information used by people in corporations, government, and academia. The Monitor includes companies such as Reed Elsevier, Reuters, D&B, Gartner Group, IMS Health, Yahoo!, and CBS MarketWatch. The Outsell 60 companies have followed a cycle, starting at the beginning of the Internet boom in 1995, through a catastrophic downturn in 2001 and 2002, to the beginnings of a recovery in late 2002. The new TrendAlert Briefing, Outsell 60 Forecast 2003-2007, And 2003 Business Virtues, makes several additional predictions for industry metrics in 2003, including: All vertical industry segments will grow; Aggregators will grow faster than primary and secondary publishers; and Key financial indicators such as net margins, cash/revenue ratios, and market valuations will continue to improve. These and other financial trends in the IC Industry are detailed in the new TrendAlert Briefing from Outsell. The Outsell 60 is based on financial data from 60 publicly traded content companies in seven vertical markets. Each Tracking Briefing in the Monitor series provides analysis of the Outsell 60 by geographic segments, company size, vertical markets, and company types. The Outsell 60 series also includes quarterly TrendAlerts that highlight industry vendor performance issues and metrics. The Outsell 60 Company Monitor is available as an annual subscription service. Individual Tracking and TrendAlert Briefings are available for sale at Outsell's Web site.