Outsell Issues MarketView Report

Sep 16, 2005

Outsell, Inc., an Information Industry research and advisory firm, has announced the launch of its inaugural Business-to-Business MarketView to give a comprehensive picture of what's driving the information industry, and specifically, what the coming year holds for the B2B segment. While the Information Industry as a whole grew by 9% to $260 billion from 2003 to 2004, analysts with Outsell, Inc. say that the B2B segment of the market, which accounts for $141 billion, or more than half (54%) of information industry revenue, is in for a "bumpy ride," according to the report.

For each sector, MarketView examines market size and share, growth trends, leading players, financial performance, "rising stars," change drivers, and trend points, plus detailed rankings of the top 50 companies in each sector. The report presents a multi-dimensional view of each sector, focusing not just on company performance and growth, but also on Outsell's data on buyer behaviors, spending, usage patterns, and buyer satisfaction rankings, which illuminate changing market needs. Each section includes predictions and a list of essential actions for players in the space and the report concludes with a summary of recent research about information users' needs and preferences. In the MarketView Outsell analysts show 14 of the top 20 B2B companies are predominantly News and Trade (N&T) companies; four are CCF (Reuters, Thomson Financial, Bloomberg and GUS plc, parent of Experian) and two are predominantly MRRS Non-IT (Taylor Nelson Sofres plc and VNU).