Outsell Changes Information Industry Growth Projections

Apr 10, 2009

Outsell, Inc. has scaled down growth projections for the information industry because of the economic downturn in a new report, "What is Good Performance in 2009?" The company is revising its 2009 "guidance" from late last year for eight key sectors. These include search/aggregation/syndication, HR information, education and training, scientific/technical/medical information, and non-IT market research, reports and services. Overall, Outsell is projecting aggregate industry growth (excluding news companies) of 4.7 percent (or $391 billion in worldwide revenues), versus earlier estimates of 8.3 percent (or $400 billion). The Outsell report provides a 2009 definition of a "growth company" in the information industry, and includes: long-term implications of the shifting global economic foundation; suggested norms and benchmarks for realistic budgets; analysis of segment-by-segment dynamics; and essential actions for leaders dealing with the recession.