Outreach Acquires Sales Hacker

Aug 07, 2018

Outreach, a sales engagement platform, has acquired Sales Hacker. The purchase of Sales Hacker--which provides webinars, conferences, online courses, and original content to sales teams across the globe--signifies Outreach's dedication to providing sales reps with high-quality educational material and a community of innovators, solution providers and thought leaders focused on giving them a competitive edge.

In partnership with Outreach, Sales Hacker will eliminate sponsored content, freeing the organization to focus exclusively on providing the highest-quality content and professional development opportunities to sales teams. In addition, Sales Hacker founder and CEO, Max Altschuler, joins Outreach as VP of marketing.

As the top destination for sales trends and information, Sales Hacker runs multiple webinars each week, facilitates meetups in over 30 cities worldwide each year, organizes multiple sales conferences including Sales Machine and The Revenue Summit and serves 150,000 unique blog visitors each month. Sales Hacker is open to all vendors and industry thought leaders and welcomes a variety of points of view.