Outerthought Announces Version 1.5 of its Open Source CMS

Aug 22, 2006

Outerthought has announced the immediate availability of a new major Daisy release. Daisy is an open source CMS, which combines a WYSIWYG Wiki-like editing environment with solid repository back-end functionalities.

The 1.5 release includes: an improved deployment scheme separating user data and customization files from the core product assembly; a messaging subsystem that has been overhauled to use the ActiveMQ library--the storage subsystem is hierarchically organized, to allow for larger data storage volumes even on less capable filesystem implementations; and the relational metadata store offers enhancements as well, with a link type field and query-based selection lists for field values. Given these, it is possible to model relationships between structured documents using the Daisy scheme. New end-user functionality include a revamped default skin which is better componentized and more CSS-based to allow for adaption, one-click switching between staging and live views of a website, automated and configurable image thumbnailing and metadata (EXIF) extraction, and SVG support. Site navigation trees can be made more dynamic using queries generating navigation hierarchies, and the facetted browser now ships with many new features.

Daisy 1.5 is available from the website with a Debian Linux install package and Windows installer upcoming. Commercial Daisy services and support can be found on the Outerthought website.

(www.daisycms.org; www.outerthought.org)