Origin Digital Announces New Broadcast Virtual Network Operation

Apr 17, 2007

Origin Digital, Inc., a global video applications service provider, has announced a partnership with OmniBus Systems, a provider of comprehensive broadcast automation and content management solutions. Leveraging OmniBus' iTX solution, Origin Digital's new Broadcast Odaptor provides a platform that allows broadcasters to bring new channels and programming to air, minimizing costly up-front investment in additional physical playout and automation infrastructure. The on-demand platform integrates web-based controls to manage channels from any location, enabling broadcasters to quickly launch new programming or utilize the system as a back-up for business continuity.

Origin Digital's Broadcast Odapter offers a broadcast playout infrastructure for a fully-hosted broadcasting service. The service integrates OmniBus' iTX solution, which powers all the necessary operations, including digital media management and ingest, scheduling and playout, commercial insertion and branding, and transmission control across multiple platforms from a single source.

iTX is controllable from a virtual interface, providing Origin Digital's customers with web-based access to every function they need to enhance their operations with extra channels. Additionally, new broadcasters can easily launch new cable, terrestrial, IPTV or mobile TV channels.

(www.omnibus.tv; www.origindigital.com)