Oregon Department of Justice Chooses LexisNexis

Mar 09, 2004

LexisNexis U.S., a provider of legal, news and business information services, and the Oregon Department of Justice have announced that they signed an agreement for LexisNexis to provide the department with online access to its Total Research System of four billion searchable documents, two billion public records, and 35,000 legal, and business and news sources. LexisNexis was awarded the contract based on a hands-on test by Department of Justice attorneys that rated the service on features, operations, ease-of-use, and customization. The switch to LexisNexis is the first legal research change by the Department in over a decade.

As part of the agreement, nearly 500 attorneys and staff of the Oregon Department of Justice will access the full LexisNexis library of cases, statutes, rules, regulations and other primary legal materials from all U.S. state and federal jurisdictions, as well as Matthew Bender titles and the Shepard's* citations service, using a customized interface. In addition, the contract includes access to the company's collection of public records and docket information. To aid in the state's efforts to combat identity theft and fraud, the contract also includes LexisNexis SmartLinx, an investigative tool that allows users to sift through a myriad of public records materials with a single search.