Orbitz.com Launches Orbitz 50 Faves Facebook Game

Aug 23, 2011

Orbitz, LLC launched Orbitz 50 Faves, a free Facebook game that gives fans of Orbitz the opportunity to win 50 vacations, worth up to $15,000. Players must first like Orbitz on Facebook, and then they will receive an initial five bids, each representing one entry to the drawing. They can browse the different trips and choose which ones they would like to enter. For each Facebook friend playing the game, players get one additional bid each day. They can also see which trips their friends have bid on.

Six of the trips can only be unlocked if a player has more than 10 friends playing Orbitz 50 Faves. Vacation destinations include the Caribbean, Rome, and South Africa. Orbitz also offers other games from its Facebook page. Orbitz 50 Faves runs through September 18, 2011.