Orb Networks Streaming Media Now Free

Apr 01, 2005

Orb Networks, Inc., a developer of streaming media software and services, has announced the company's streaming media software, Orb Media, will now be free to all users. Orb's software and service is designed to give consumers the ability to spontaneously access their live TV, music, photos, videos, and other digital content located on their home PC from virtually any Internet-enabled device, from anywhere, and now provides that service without adding any new monthly fees for new and current customers. Additionally, Orb has added a new Photo Sharing service to its solution allowing customers to share their selected photos with friends and family at any time. Consumers also have the capability to remotely record TV programs using Orb's Digital Video Recorder (DVR) function and then view those recorded programs at any time on any of their mobile devices. Orb Networks' technology is based upon its scalable Orb Architecture. A user opens a Web browser on any device, logs-in, and selects what they want to view or hear from their personal library. Orb's technology is designed to determine the best format, codec, bit rate, display capabilities, and network bandwidth available for a particular cell phone, PDA or laptop to view or hear the content.