Oracle Releases New Portal Enhancements For Oracle9i

Jan 21, 2003

Oracle Corp., has announced the immediate availability of new portal enhancements for Oracle9i Application Server, designed to capture and integrate data from multiple data sources including Web Services, spreadsheets, and Web sites. These features, OmniPortlet and Web Clipping, shift the customization and integration of portal development from IT departments to end-users, in an effort to empower non-technical users to customize portal content and integrate data via self-service interfaces. The OmniPortlet functionality is designed to allow business users, including line-of-business managers, to access Web services, XML, and spreadsheet data sources and publish them in various formats including reports, forms, charts, and news, in the form of a portlet, a small window displayed within a portal page. OmniPortlet is also designed to make it easier for non-technical users to publish information for key decision-makers by allowing them to synthesize data through the portal from various areas of a company. The new Web Clipping feature in Oracle9i Application Server offers a way to capture content and functionality from existing internal Web sites and present them as portlets. Using the Web Clipping feature, a Web browser is transformed into an editing tool that allows Web-based content to be extracted and instantly turned into a portlet. From that point forward, the content will be available to the designer as an individual portlet in a "scrap book." The OmniPortlet and Web Clipping features are included in the Oracle9i Application Server Portal Developer Kit, which is available for immediate download free of charge from OTN. The features will also ship with Oracle9i Application Server Release 2, version 9.0.4, scheduled to be released in the first half of 2003.