Oracle Management Software Supplier Adds Data Masking To Boost Security–As–A–Service Capability

Sep 13, 2018

A rapidly increasing number of organizations are outsourcing security management to Security Service Providers (SSPs); complexity, cost, and time make it prohibitive for the small to mid-size company, in particular, to do this themselves. Typically, the SSP will use Cloud-based tools (such as patchVantage) to keep their clients’ systems secure, compliant and current.

In addition, emerging data protection standards such as GDPR place further burdens on these organizations so the demand for alternative, cost-effective approaches and tools has soared.

patchVantage has announced the addition of Data Masking functionality to its extensive suite of Oracle Database and ERP management tools, which includes back-up, cloning, patching, penetration testing, and password management; Data Masking means sensitive data can be hidden or obscured to protect against insider threat and to allow development and testing by third parties; it is a key technology for companies that need to comply with GDPR.

Insider threats are an increasing problem for many companies; Data Masking allows sensitive (and potentially exploitable) information to be available only to authorized users, minimizing risk.

But it is the combination of rapid (SNAP) cloning and Data Masking that makes patchVantage a compelling solution; most software vendors provide one or the other. The technology upon which the product is built means databases of any size can be created and protected in minutes.

Users can apply pre-defined Static masks (patchVantage has around thirty) or define their own to deliver automated Data Masking. As masks are applied when the clone is created, sensitive data is immediately hidden.

patchVantage greatly simplifies the process of backing up, cloning, and patching multiple databases; the software is quick and simple to install and generates full log files, significantly reducing management overheads. 

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