Optimizely Announces Personalization Solution

Oct 06, 2015

In a blog post on its website, Optimizely announced the general availability of its Optimizely Personalization solution. According to the post, "We built Optimizely Personalization to make it incredibly easy to connect data about your visitors - data such as behavior or information stored in your CRM - and use it to target experiences in real time."

Optimizely says that with its Personalization tool, users can identify behaviors-such as shopping for high value items, or someone who is about to abandon their session-and then use a point-and-click interface to mix and match behaviors to identify specific audiences.

With Uploaded Audiences, Optimizely says, you can create audiences out of a list of specific customers-think loyalty program customers or repeat purchasers-as well as create audiences using your data from third-party integrations. It has also added a Recommended Audiences feature that helps users identify audiences that have are ripe for personalized experiences.